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PRS75 36x24

PI Creative Art images appeal to a worldwide market that demands the most current design and color trends. Our international clients include galleries, interior designers and decorators, art consultants,print distributors, hotels and retail.

We are continuously seeking creative artwork to offer to the commercial art market. If you are a talented artist, photographer or gallery representing an artist or group of artists and would like to explore the Open and/or Print on Demand market, we welcome your submission. To have your work considered please send samples of your artwork in any of the following formats.


We accept low-resolution jpegs (6 MB or lower) and website links sent to .


We accept DVD’s, photographs as well as color copies.  We ask that the titles and original sizes of the images be included in the submission. Please do not send original artwork, photographs or portfolios that you will need returned. Due to the volume of submissions, PI Creative Art will not be returning submitted materials.


BE ORIGINAL – PI Creative Art is a member of the Art Copyright Coalition and we are very sensitive to only marketing original ideas and imagery. Be aware of current color and subject trends in the home décor market.

We will accept work created in a series of at least two images. We can reproduce only from either original artwork or high resolution files which require a minimum 24″ x 36″ size file at 300 dpi saved in tiff format.

PI Creative Art pays a flat fee or royalties of 10% paid quarterly on the selling price of the reproduction and we offer written contracts when appropriate. Certain use of artwork requires exclusivity; you will be asked if this applies to your submitted artwork. We are 100% responsible for all marketing of our wares whether it be via international trade shows, press releases, mail outs, e-blasts, trade magazine advertisements or physical catalog.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your submission, please be advised it can take 4-6 weeks for our Art Selection Committee to review. Please note we will contact you only if we are interested in representing your work to our various distribution channels.

Thank you for considering PI Creative Art as the potential publisher of your artwork. 0