Allison Pearce

  1. Where are you from? Born in Reykjavik, Iceland
  2. Where do you live now?  Toronto, Canada
  3. Do your surroundings influence your artistic style? I’m sure that on some levels it has an effect. Inspiration comes from everywhere even from places that you don’t expect, even from your subconscious.
  4. What did you do before devoting your life to art? Various jobs, including teaching children art, interior design and curating for a prominent art gallery.
  5. How did you secure a career in the arts? I’ve always had the passion and I was given an opportunity to contribute artistically at an art gallery. When my first painting sold, I gained confidence as an artist. I was hooked!
  6. What job did you have before becoming an artist? Various jobs, including at a bank, at a design firm and an art gallery.
  7. When did your career in the arts begin? I consider my role in design the beginning. That is where I was introduced to the demand for commercial artwork and gathered connections with local galleries.
  8. What is your biggest inspiration for art? Color, I’m inspired by beautiful color! I see inspiration and beauty everywhere. When I see my art online in people’s homes it inspires me.
  9. Have you always worked independently, or have you worked within a team or artists? Which is your preference? I worked as part of the design team and more independently at the gallery. I like the communication aspect of a team but my creativity comes from within. Too much guidance makes art feel contrived.
  10. Aside from art, what else inspires you? My family, vacations and a simple walk with my dog.

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